Social Media Marketing

Messages & images that will engage your target audience and encourage community sharing.

With the advancement of mobile phone and tablet technology, accessing social media is now easier than ever.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat have become so ingrained in society, you're seen as 'not normal' if you don't have an account on at least one.

Now, although brands like the above will merge or fizzle out, social media marketing is here to stay. Facebook isn't the first (cheers, Myspace!) and definitely won't be the last.

So, stick with us and we'll future-proof your social media presence.

Social Media Marketing
Repurposable Content

How popular is social media? Well, data shows that only 5 apps see heavy use, and at least one of these will be a social media platform.

As mentioned above, the main social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat. So, having an account on each of these increases the chance of exposure.

Once you have established a digital presence, you can share content across platforms. But, rather than creating something new every time, let us show you to create repurposable content.

You see, the content we create is not only bespoke, or tailored for a specific demographic, it's completely repurposable. Written in such a way that you can extract key points of information with ease. Simply take what you need and use it on the different platforms as a part of a multi-channel campaign.

Organic & Paid Campaigns

Most social media platforms allow two forms of advertising - organic & paid.

Organic, is mainly about appealing to customers you already have, a form of remarketing if you will. Having a regular stream of fresh (but relevant) content is integral to keeping people interested.

Paid is, well, paid. This will extend your brand's reach, to hopefully engage with potential new customers. To stand out, you need to be creative in your content and visually striking.

Using online and offline market research techniques, as well as data supplied by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), we split your customer bade up into 'user groups', and outline the main triggers, motivations and habits of each.

With this insight, we know which type of campaign (organic or paid) and content/message to use. We also know when the best time to deliver will be.

Allowing for better engagement and ROI.

See What We Can Do

Do you need help with your website content? How about getting it search engine-ready?

Ok, but you need a boost in web traffic though, right?

So, if your website is all good, social media support, maybe?

Forget the online/digital stuff, how about some good-old-fashioned advertising? Or, a new service/product catalogue?

Hey, we'd even do some of the more 'formal' bits...

Whatever you need... we're great value and happy to help!