Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Climb the search rankings, increase your online exposure and boost your web traffic & search volume.

In layman’s terms, SEO is like a search engine checklist.

The more boxes you tick, the more the search engine will like your website. 



Does your website take a long time to load? Well, you’re losing money and damaging your brand. Period.

Your customers go online expecting a service that’s both 24/7 and effortless, and as well as deterring them, your slow, unresponsive site is also being ranked lower by Google.

Using industry-leading software, as well as various manual techniques, we’ll analyse and optimise your entire website.

From image compression to HTML/CSS minification, we’ll highlight and resolve any issues, making your website lightning fast.

User Experience

Understanding your audience (new and existing customers) is imperative for a successful business.

Using various online and offline market research techniques, including Google Analytics and customer surveys/questionnaires, we can identify changes in buying habits and browsing behaviour.

Then, by adapting page content, website design/navigation and other SEO practices, as well as ensuring everything is mobile/smartphone compatible, your website  will be highly-accessible, user-friendly and operating at maximum effectiveness, 24/7.


We create content that is not only great to read, but ticks all the right SEO boxes.

Whether it’s a webpage, blog post or outreach message, our highly capable team produce industry-leading content every time.

Every piece of our content is checked for accuracy, spelling/grammar and that it is a 50 (or higher) on the Flesch Readability Scale – which is about the Plain English mark. No gobbledygook here.

No matter your industry, audience demographic or channel/platform, we can write content that visitors (human and robot), can’t get enough of.


Site titles, meta descriptions and more recently, schema markup, are HTML attributes that make up the visual appearance of the SERP listing – the links you scroll through following a search.

You could have great content, epic site design and thousands of backlinks, but if the actual search engine listing isn’t appealing, well, you’re missing out on quite a few click-throughs.

Our team of SEO web wizards are constantly reviewing these attributes, ensuring that they are in line with wider customer search/browsing trends.

Drop in the traffic that normally comes from search engines? No problem, a bit of experimentation with your page titles and descriptions and we’ll get you back on track in no time.


Arguably, the most important aspect of SEO. Search engines love a backlink. They see them as “votes of trust”. The more you have, the more credible you are, the better you are likely to rank.

There are two ways we can generate backlinks:

  • Organic.
  • Outreach or guest posting.

Organic is self-explanatory. If you release regular, high-quality content, your website's ranking will naturally improve, increasing the likelihood other websites will link to you – as, similar to Google, they see you as a credible website with credible content.

Outreach, on the other hand, is a manual process.

You build rapport with various industry-relevant websites and offer to write blog posts, news articles, collaborative white papers or anything else that will secure a link from their site.

If you're extra lucky, they might do all the work and still give you a mention.

See What We Can Do

Do you need help with your website content? How about getting it search engine-ready?

Ok, but you need a boost in web traffic though, right?

So, if your website is all good, social media support, maybe?

Forget the online/digital stuff, how about some good-old-fashioned advertising? Or, a new service/product catalogue?

Hey, we'd even do some of the more 'formal' bits...

Whatever you need... we're great value and happy to help!