Uncover The 5 Best Foods to Try Abroad

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The 5 Best Food to Try Abroad

Some families want a beach, some crave snow, some fantasise about a forest. Whatever holiday destination you choose next, there’s two things that everyone looks forward to… the food and drink!

We’ve trekked across the world, tucking into some of the finest cuisine available. Teasing our taste buds with tantalising treats.

Below are 5 countries with a fantastic family-friendly food selection.


When it comes to food, Japan is the holy grail.

Tokyo, the “food capital of the world”, has over 225 restaurants that hold at least one Michelin star.

This means that there are plenty of places suitable for families, and still the highest quality.

Ramen is found on every corner of Japan, and is such an easy yet completely flavorful meal. Soft noodles in a hearty broth is the staple food in Japan, so be sure to try this if you’re there.

A great snack dish is tempura, cooked fresh in a specialist tempura restaurant, you can’t go far wrong with this seafood dish.

And of course, sushi! Sushi in Japan is nearly always caught and prepared fresh on the day, making it a definite must try for all for the family.


Malaysia offers an exquisite array of flavours and tastes, that please all the senses.

Street food is the most common way to grab a bite to eat in Malaysia. From flatbreads to soups, hot drinks and cold desserts, it offers a wide range of different meals that even the fussiest of eaters will want to try.

Some of the meals may look quite simple, but the flavour combinations are simply out of this world, always leaving you wanting more.


Italians are known for their love of flavoursome, home cooked cuisine, just like mama used to make! They are famous for their pizza and pasta dishes so … when in Rome!

Be sure to try an authentic Italian pizza if you’re lucky enough to visit. Many of the cafes and restaurants will offer pizzas made from the finest ingredients, cooked fresh to order.

Pasta dishes such as tagliatelle, lasagne and carbonara are also a must try while in this beautiful country.

If you have a sweet tooth, tiramisu (a coffee based dessert) or gelato (Italian style ice cream), will satisfy your craving and tantalise the taste buds.


Arriba! Arriba! Mexico is all about having fun. And this is reflected in their most popular dishes.

Much of their cuisine involves getting stuck in and helping yourself. Some of their best ‘do it yourself’ meals include:

  • Fajitas
  • Tacos
  • Enchiladas
  • Quesadillas
  • Burritos
  • Rice
  • Refried beans

It’s all about sharing the passion and enjoying it together.

They all offer incredible flavours and spice and, along with a spoonful of guacamole and sour cream, can be enjoyed by everyone.

If you’re old enough, it can all be washed down by a tequila or two! Don’t forget your sombrero!


With their rich, deep flavours and bakeries on every street corner, France has a lot more to offer than just their well known delicacy, snails (or escargot, as they’re formally known).

Croissants, pastries and freshly baked bread are a food lover’s dream breakfast. Be sure to get up early and try some fresh out of the oven from a local bakery. Just the aroma will have you drooling.

Croque-monsieur is a must try while grabbing a quick lunch. Many feel this dish is just a glorified ham and cheese sandwich, but freshly made and then eaten on the streets of Paris will definitely change your mind.

Coq au vin is the perfect meal to end your day. Braised in rich red wine, this hearty meal is sure to fill you up and satisfy your hunger after a busy day sightseeing.

You can find exquisite cuisine all over the world, and being able to experience a famous national dish, in its country of origin, is bound to be a taste sensation.

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